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Pet Markers


Remember that special pet with a custom pet marker. Heritage offers these markers in many styles including lettering only, lettering with carving and lettering with etching. All come in polished black, polished gray or unpolished gray granite.

Lettering only: our markers are sandblasted.  The animal name is larger than the rest of the inscription.  Example: DINO to right.

Lettering/Carving: Dogs available – lab, setter, spaniel, poodle, boxer, retriever and shepherd. Cat, horse and rabbit also available. Black stone has either gold or white lettering and carving. Gray stone has black lettering and carving. Example: Buffy @ right.

Lettering/Etching: letters are sandblasted while the etching is done with a vibrating diamond tipped instrument.  Shadowing is done by sandblasting.  The customer must send Heritage a photo of the animal to be etched.  This will be returned to the customer with the marker.  The name of the animal is larger than the rest of the inscription. Letters are engraved while animal is etched. Black stone only. Letters and etching are white. Example: See Fluffy above.

Stain colors offered:

  • On black granite the colors are either white or gold to contrast with the stone surface color.
  • On polished gray the colors are either black or gold.
  • On unpolished gray the color is black.

Most orders are shipped within a week. Etchings may take another week depending on when we receive the order. Heritage ships with UPS and shipping and handling costs will be added to the marker invoice.

For Retailers:
Heritage will send the following information to retailer who wishes to sell markers:

  • Literature to be put on the sales/work counter at the showroom.  This literature can be taken by the pet owner, filled out and given to the retailer.  In essence this is an order form.
  • Order form to be filled out by the retailer and faxed to Heritage.  This packet has an order form which can be copied by the retailer for future orders.
  • Price sheet detailing all costs associated with our markers.  Note that we do not offer carvings and etchings on the 4×7 size as both the carving/etching and lettering are too small.  We would have to both minimize the number of letters and make the carvings/etchings so small that engraving them would not be possible.