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Heritage offers some unique ideas for fundraising programs. Engravings are not only cost-effective, but unlike flowers or other temporary mementos, engraved products provide a much more durable method to recognize donors. Ask us today on how these types of fund raisers can enhance any building or landscaping while providing income for the fundraising organization.

heritage brick marble brick fundraiser

Suggestions to Assist Your Organization in Fundraising:

  • Assign one person as the contact with Heritage to avoid confusion when orders are placed.
  • Type and mail donor lists. Do not FAX or hand write to avoid errors in legibility.
  • We suggest engraving the brick in all upper case letters for optimum readability.
  • Any company logos or artwork need to be camera ready ad slicks.
  • Heritage reserves the right to alter layouts to insure maximum readability.
  • For large fund-raisers we prefer to receive brick orders in groups of approximately 300 rather than 5 or 10 at a time.
  • Your organization does order forms, mailings etc.
  • Some of our clients are selling duplicate bricks for a discount in addition to the initial brick. The 1st brick goes in the installation while the 2nd is given to the donor. It is a nice way to raise additional funds and the donor is given a memento.

Specialty Items Which Can Enhance Your Fund Raising:

Thank you for contacting us relative to utilizing engraved brick as a method of raising funds for you organization. Heritage has been fortunate to have been involved with a wide variety of fine groups who wish to generate monies to finance construction projects, replace much needed items for theaters and schools and to simply augment the balance in their general fund. You are involved with an idea which, when implemented, will greatly assist your group in reaching its overall goal.

Heritage does not just engrave brick. We have done special projects integrating the following products:

  • Engraved marble and granite
  • Cast stone and limestone in any shape and size
  • Bronze and brass plaques
  • Artwork and logos
  • Heritage has a wide ranging library of clip art but can utilize any camera ready art for your donor

Pricing for these items is done on an individual basis. We would require copy, art and size of the item to be engraved. Please know that Heritage provides anything which is able to be etched. Thank you again for contacting us and we look forward to working with your organization.